Monday, July 25, 2011

New (Sexy) Videos from Shampoowatcher; Fireman's Foam and Foam Parties

I gotta say, I've admired this guy. He's been great with posting frequent videos, and for the most part they've been full-length ones. Now, he's posting pay-to-download movies, which is cool, I get that bills need to be paid. It does sorta suck though, seeing the one provider of free shampoo videos start charging for their work, but hey, we're in a recession. Even I'm trying to make a few bucks off this blog from advertising.

I haven't bought anything from the guy yet, but I intend to. The "sammy getting lathered" preview looks really good, but I'm trying to hold onto my money this summer - and yet I'm not doing a fantastic job. Being in a relationship costs money - going to the movies, going out to eat, even going to visit him now costs money since I moved back home. And when he's traveling the world, going to see him will cost a small fortune. Anyway, the idea of an X-rated shampoo video intrigues me since I've never seen one, but since I'm not a guy and thus don't enjoy blowjobs, I probably wouldn't get off to a video that's just a shampoo and BJ. Shampoo and sex sounds kinda hot though.

ALSO a town in my area does this thing every year where kids get to play in big piles of foam, which is provided by the fire department. I don't know if it has any practical uses for fighting fires, or where the tradition came from, but they cover a field in the stuff and kids love it. Kinda gives me an idea for a concept video, really. A fireman (or firemen) covering a woman with the foam and then washing her down. I wonder if any washing, hair or otherwise, happens at those foam parties that occur. My boyfriend says there are tons of foam parties in Ibiza, which makes me want to go check it out if I can, but I also know that there are a few foam parties held in the US. Not sure where though. I have friends who attend raves, and I'd certainly go with them if there was ever a foam rave. Yeah, like I'd ever get that lucky. If only there was a fetish club for people like me - unfortunately, the Shampoo nightclub in Philadelphia is not actually a shampoo club. The name lies. LIES, I SAY!