Saturday, December 31, 2011


I don't know if it's just easier to get them for the videos and more willing to be in them, or if there are just more shampoo girls than shampoo guys out there, or if it's completely on purpose to appeal to male customers, but a LOT of shampoo video shops feature a LOT of videos of girl-on-girl shampooing and very few videos with male shampooers. To be sure, they're not terrible videos, they have lots of lather and look very pampering, but they don't appeal to me. I don't mean to be sexist or homophobic, but being a straight female, male-on-female shampooing is the most appealing to me but it's increasingly rare.

To be clear, when I get my hair washed in the salon it's always by a woman. And it feels good, not sexy at all, which is just as well because I'm in public, but to have a female friend wash my hair? No thanks, too awkward. When I seek out shampoo videos I want them to be sexy. Hence, I want the shampooer to be a guy.

The HairFun just updated their website with a whole new shop and lots of new videos, they're ALL girl-on-girl, Tomas isn't in any of them. At all. I don't find him all that sexy but I like his shampooing best because he's the only goddamn man on the whole goddamn website!

When it comes to same-sex shampooing, I'd rather see a man shampooing another man's hair, as long as it's medium to long hair which has a high capacity for lather. But alas, that has a small fan base and when they're posted on forums the guys - who dominate the forum (I seem to be the only female member NOT there to promote a porn site or otherwise titillate the men) - freak out about the presence of "gay videos" on their precious website.

 And of course, a lot of male-on-female videos are pornograhic, but rather than feature sex acts for the woman, you see her getting a half-assed shampoo while she's blowing the guy. She may be getting a shampoo but he's getting more enjoyment out of the deal.

Once again it's become clear to me that either I'm in a very small minority OR video websites care more about catering to male clientele than making videos for potential female customers.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Times Like This . . .

 . . . that I wish I had a boyfriend. No really. I know it sounds wicked anti-feminist, but right now I could use one. For you see, my arm hurts. No idea why, didn't injure it, it just hurts. Washing my hair may be a bit difficult, so I wish I had a boyfriend to help me out. No way am I asking a friend to do it, with my fetish it'd just be weird.

I did actually consider mentioning it to the guy I like - we've hung out a few times but haven't actually kissed or anything, much less started dating, but I'm about 80% sure he likes me. Anyway, I considered mentioning that my arm hurts and I have to wash my hair tomorrow which will be hard, just to see if he offers to help - yeah no, I'm not asking for that, I might as well drag him aboard the train to Crazy Town. Also I didn't mention it because we were too busy talking about other things. Maybe if he messages me tonight or tomorrow I'll be all "ugh, I have to go to the doctor tomorrow" and go from there. Man, if he's into shampooing, that would be a great sign. But so far I have yet to find one guy who is (in person, obviously I've met guys on the internet who are, and no I'm not inviting a stranger into my apartment to wash my hair!)

I also really miss getting massages.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Male Stylist, Yay! . . . ?

So today I called my local salon and day spa to set up a back-to-school haircut, and I got an appointment with a male hairstylist. I've never had my hair done by a guy before, ever. I've never had a guy wash my hair in a salon before, which of course is the most exciting part, and I'm really hoping he is the one to wash my hair. I just hope I don't get too excited if you know what I mean. I have a hard enough time hiding my excitement and pleasure when a woman washes my hair, when a man's doing it I'll be over the moon and I just know it'll show on my face despite my best efforts.

It's just so embarrassing how much I like being shampooed, ever since my mom pointed out to the stylist that I love having my hair washed. I wanted to die right there in the chair.

And boy am I looking forward to getting shampooed. Me and the really good shampooer broke up a couple weeks ago, and sadly I've been washing my own hair ever since.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Video Fraud

In an earlier post I announced that Shampoowatcher had posted some awesome new videos for sale. Turns out, they weren't his. Well, some were, but the Sammy videos were not. They were originally made by someone who goes by Latherfreak, purchased off his website, edited to give him the credit, and put up for sale on his website. That's low, really low. He didn't put it up for free torrenting, or send copies of the file to his friends, he tried to make money off it.

And I get it, as I said earlier, sometimes you gotta make some dough off your work. Honestly, it sucks that his new stuff wasn't free, because I did appreciate the full-length videos that were easy to find. I believe he used to be honest when he was posting stuff that wasn't his, but were sent to him by fans.

Normally I'd encourage people to buy his videos and support him, but in this case I'm going to rescind any of that encouragement I may have posted earlier, at least until he comes out and publicly acknowledges and apologizes for what he did. What this guy did to make a quick buck was low, and I'd rather people spend their money on videos made by honest video makers, such as Latherfreak. His videos aren't for everyone, and most don't appeal to me, but if something there strikes your fancy and you have the money, buy it! I'm serious, guys, a full-length video is way better than a quick YouTube preview. Remember, we need to support the people who make these videos, or they'll stop making them and you won't even have the YouTube previews to watch for free.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Best Entry on Dear Blank, Please Blank

 (for those of you out of the loop, Dear Blank Please Blank is a meme website where . . . you know what? Just click the link and find out for yourself, I can't really explain it)

Dear hair salon stylists,
Why does it never feel this good when I wash my hair myself?!

Monday, July 25, 2011

New (Sexy) Videos from Shampoowatcher; Fireman's Foam and Foam Parties

I gotta say, I've admired this guy. He's been great with posting frequent videos, and for the most part they've been full-length ones. Now, he's posting pay-to-download movies, which is cool, I get that bills need to be paid. It does sorta suck though, seeing the one provider of free shampoo videos start charging for their work, but hey, we're in a recession. Even I'm trying to make a few bucks off this blog from advertising.

I haven't bought anything from the guy yet, but I intend to. The "sammy getting lathered" preview looks really good, but I'm trying to hold onto my money this summer - and yet I'm not doing a fantastic job. Being in a relationship costs money - going to the movies, going out to eat, even going to visit him now costs money since I moved back home. And when he's traveling the world, going to see him will cost a small fortune. Anyway, the idea of an X-rated shampoo video intrigues me since I've never seen one, but since I'm not a guy and thus don't enjoy blowjobs, I probably wouldn't get off to a video that's just a shampoo and BJ. Shampoo and sex sounds kinda hot though.

ALSO a town in my area does this thing every year where kids get to play in big piles of foam, which is provided by the fire department. I don't know if it has any practical uses for fighting fires, or where the tradition came from, but they cover a field in the stuff and kids love it. Kinda gives me an idea for a concept video, really. A fireman (or firemen) covering a woman with the foam and then washing her down. I wonder if any washing, hair or otherwise, happens at those foam parties that occur. My boyfriend says there are tons of foam parties in Ibiza, which makes me want to go check it out if I can, but I also know that there are a few foam parties held in the US. Not sure where though. I have friends who attend raves, and I'd certainly go with them if there was ever a foam rave. Yeah, like I'd ever get that lucky. If only there was a fetish club for people like me - unfortunately, the Shampoo nightclub in Philadelphia is not actually a shampoo club. The name lies. LIES, I SAY!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When SPD is a Blessing

I've had SPD, or Sensory Processing Disorder, my whole life. It's made me a little weird - it's meant I can't go on rollercoasters, or eat foods like mashed potatoes without gagging. I've had trouble driving a car or understanding verbal instructions, making me look like a dumbass. It's made me extremely anti-social.

It's also made me very physically sensitive.

This has meant great things for my sexual partners, because I've been so sensitive to their touches. This also may in fact be one of the reasons why I like being shampooed, or just washed in general, and why I craved being touched and massaged by my boyfriends. I feel it more than others can, and it feels extra amazing. I guess that's a decent trade-off for all the crap I've had to endure with the disorder.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Found a New Blog

Guess what guys, this isn't the only shampoo fetish blog out there!

I found Shampoo Stories a little while ago. There are only two entries so far, I hope whoever this is writes more! It also makes me wonder what else is out there. I've tried to search for shampoo blogs on Blogger, but their search feature is useless in that sense.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Accident

Two frat guys rough-housing at a party caused an innocent female bystander to become soaked with beer. The boys felt terrible for the accident and offered to help clean her up. The girl, tipsy herself thought it would be fun, so they escorted her upstairs to one of the bathrooms. There she removed her shorts, but kept her tank top and panties on to maintain some modesty, and the boys filled the tub with soap and water. The girl blushed with excitement as she got into the tub.

They weren't sure what to wash first, but her hair seemed like a good bet. One poured a good amount of shampoo onto her head, and the two of them began to scrub and massage. She giggled at first, then, no longer able to contain herself, let out a gasp of pleasure. It did feel pretty amazing, having four hands lathering her up. The boys realized she was enjoying herself, and decided to scrub a little more vigorously. She began to moan as her whole head was becoming engulfed in rich, creamy lather. The soap was falling down to her shoulders, down her back and chest. She was getting clean, all right.

After a good ten minutes of scrubbing, the girl looked up at the guys and said "don't you wanna wash the rest of me?" And with that, she drained the tub of water, leaving only the mountain of suds. She gently pulled the boys into the tub with her, and the three of them began an extreme shampoo session that would last hours.
I should probably mention that I did eventually tell the guy I'm seeing about my fetish. We were on a camping trip, and I'd mentioned earlier that I had a fetish but I was too shy to tell him what it was. I sort of made him guess, dropping hints and telling him when he got close. I'll never forget it, we were sitting on a bench, under the stars, outside the cabin when I told him. He told me he'd wash my hair when we got back from the trip.

And he's amazing at it! He's washed my hair maybe 3 or 4 times, not that often, but whenever he does it he does a fantastic job and it feels incredible. He's a pretty wonderful guy overall, I think I'm in for a great summer . . . as long as I don't screw this one up. I'd been pretty good at keeping the crazy at bay, but then PMS rolled around, and it's been a little harder to fight off the jealousy. I just gotta remind myself that yes, he sometimes flirts with his female friends, but he doesn't mean anything by it; and at the end of the day, I'm the one he's taking home. I hope it stays that way, and he doesn't run away, because he really is my miracle.