Thursday, August 11, 2011

Video Fraud

In an earlier post I announced that Shampoowatcher had posted some awesome new videos for sale. Turns out, they weren't his. Well, some were, but the Sammy videos were not. They were originally made by someone who goes by Latherfreak, purchased off his website, edited to give him the credit, and put up for sale on his website. That's low, really low. He didn't put it up for free torrenting, or send copies of the file to his friends, he tried to make money off it.

And I get it, as I said earlier, sometimes you gotta make some dough off your work. Honestly, it sucks that his new stuff wasn't free, because I did appreciate the full-length videos that were easy to find. I believe he used to be honest when he was posting stuff that wasn't his, but were sent to him by fans.

Normally I'd encourage people to buy his videos and support him, but in this case I'm going to rescind any of that encouragement I may have posted earlier, at least until he comes out and publicly acknowledges and apologizes for what he did. What this guy did to make a quick buck was low, and I'd rather people spend their money on videos made by honest video makers, such as Latherfreak. His videos aren't for everyone, and most don't appeal to me, but if something there strikes your fancy and you have the money, buy it! I'm serious, guys, a full-length video is way better than a quick YouTube preview. Remember, we need to support the people who make these videos, or they'll stop making them and you won't even have the YouTube previews to watch for free.

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