Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Accident

Two frat guys rough-housing at a party caused an innocent female bystander to become soaked with beer. The boys felt terrible for the accident and offered to help clean her up. The girl, tipsy herself thought it would be fun, so they escorted her upstairs to one of the bathrooms. There she removed her shorts, but kept her tank top and panties on to maintain some modesty, and the boys filled the tub with soap and water. The girl blushed with excitement as she got into the tub.

They weren't sure what to wash first, but her hair seemed like a good bet. One poured a good amount of shampoo onto her head, and the two of them began to scrub and massage. She giggled at first, then, no longer able to contain herself, let out a gasp of pleasure. It did feel pretty amazing, having four hands lathering her up. The boys realized she was enjoying herself, and decided to scrub a little more vigorously. She began to moan as her whole head was becoming engulfed in rich, creamy lather. The soap was falling down to her shoulders, down her back and chest. She was getting clean, all right.

After a good ten minutes of scrubbing, the girl looked up at the guys and said "don't you wanna wash the rest of me?" And with that, she drained the tub of water, leaving only the mountain of suds. She gently pulled the boys into the tub with her, and the three of them began an extreme shampoo session that would last hours.

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