Friday, June 3, 2011

Shyness Sucks

Things have been going really well with this new guy. We have great chemistry, and I feel really good about him. I'm actually kind of glad I ran away a few years ago, thinking he was a tad sketchy; it's as though the goddess was whispering in my ear "stay away, you're not ready for him yet." And it's true, up until recently I've been clingy and emotionally high maintenance, among other annoying features, but in the wake of recent events I've matured quite a bit, and now I can keep my crazy down to tolerable amounts. Maybe this time I won't mess things up.

BUT I haven't told him about my fetish yet. I'm not sure how to, the timing needs to be just right. I'm too shy to even offer to wash his hair. Gahh what is wrong with me? Do I just not want to scare him away with excess weirdness? It's not like he comes to my place where I can leave subtle hints lying around, I go to his place where we can get more privacy, since I have a roommate right now. Ack, I miss having a single bedroom. Oh well, it's only for another month.

What I do know is this guy has magic fingers. He's given me massages, he even massaged my scalp a couple times. I have no doubt he could give a great shampoo, and maybe he does have experience with it. Maybe he enjoys it too, but for one reason or another is too shy to bring it up. He did say he didn't have any known fetishes though, so that's out, although he hasn't asked me if I have any. That is, he hasn't asked yet . . .

I know, I know, I'm a hypocrite. I tell people to go for it, I encourage women to speak up about their fetishes and ask for what they want. It's hard, I get it, and maybe I'm in no place to give that kind of encouragement

Oh jeez, how much do you wanna bet that once I tell him I have a shampoo fetish, he Googles "shampoo fetish" and finds this blog? That'd be crazy awkward . . . Then again, I don't think any guy I've dated has researched information on shampoo fetishes, or even sought YouTube videos to help him learn how to wash hair, so what are the odds of this new guy coming across this blog? And would it totally weird him out enough to scare him away?

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  1. It sounds to me like the head massage is the key. Tell him how great it feels, and ask him if he has ever shampooed anyone, as he has such a nice touch. At least it will open the subject, and then don't be shy to let him know you would enjoy it. We all understand that it is very hard to "come out". especially when it involves someone we care about