Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another New Guy

I met a guy a few years ago, and then we lost contact. I'd almost forgotten about him until we ran into each other last year, and for a while I fantasized about him. My fantasy was that I'd go to his apartment, he'd wash my hair over the sink, and then he'd lie me down on the bed and make love to me. Got me off for a long time, really. I'd had the feeling he was sort of into me. I could be wrong, maybe he didn't like me then. But recently we started hanging out and he sure as hell seems to like me now.

As I've mentioned before, a new guy coming into my life is always exciting. I picture him washing my hair, wonder if he's any good at it, and wonder if maybe he's into it too. I wonder if he'll offer to wash my hair without me telling him about my fetish. I wonder how the topic of my fetish will come up, whether he'll laugh at me or find it interesting. I'm sure it'll come up soon, I do want him to know about it because I really want him to shampoo me.

Because this guy is very into the outdoors and loves to go camping, there have been recent fantasies, such as him shampooing me in a lake or river on a camping trip (of course, using biodegradable camping shampoo so as not to hurt the environment).

Oh god, if he reads this he'll probably know I'm talking about him. I'd die of embarrassment. Then again, if he does read it, one would hope it's because he has this fetish too.

Sometimes I wonder how much bearing this fetish-related stuff should have on my guy selection. How important is it for him to be good at washing my hair? After all, the last guy could give a fantastic shampoo, but wasn't always willing to do it, even when I asked him to shampoo me over the sink or something, it fell in deaf ears. Other guys have been more than willing to wash my hair, even loved doing it, but were utter crap at it. Why no balance yet, goddamnit?!? But when I'm choosing between two guys, as I will probably have to do eventually - date this new guy or get back together with my ex - how much should this matter?

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  1. Congrats on the old/new guy. From my experience, and because you are so much into shampooing, I think it should play a VERY big part in your choices. Remember also, that if a guy has the right attitude, he will be open to learning how you like to be shampooed. If he is self-centered, maybe he will never try to please you. I believe attitude is most important.
    This is a good chance to influence your luck, by making it easy for him. Have your hairbrush visible whenever he is around, and brush your hair occasionally. Maybe he will volunteer to help, or you might ask if he'd be willing to brush your hair. That would be a good first step. Then, leave the shampoo bottle and a towel by the sink. Hopefully he will mention it, but take whatever chance you have to tell him you need to shampoo, and you just haven't had the chance to do it. Play it by ear, but try to get him involved. And when he does shampoo you be sure to let him know how nice it is, and what he does really well, and what he could do to make it even better. And when it is over, be very sexy and seduce him if you need to. I'm sure that will make him realize the rewards of giving you an erotic shampoo. Good luck, and let us know what happens.