Sunday, May 22, 2011

Video Review and Prediction

Well I got the new video a while ago, the one from The Hairfun, and it's fantastic! It's a little short, but it has lots of lather and it was totally worth the price! There's a bit in the middle where her head is just covered in foam, I watch that part over and over sometimes. And the guy really knows how to wash. The video is Julia Shampoo Over Bowl, and I highly recommend it, or really anything from The Hairfun, I'm sure a lot of their shampoo videos are fantastic.

Also, has anyone else seen commercials for foam hair color? I wonder if we'll start seeing foam coloring videos soon.


  1. Thanks for posting a review. I have been hesitant on purchasing videos from them due to a bit of dissatisfaction from other shampoo videos I have bought from other sites like hairmedia... but you do make it sound promising. I think ill try them out.

  2. thanks for the hairmedia comment actually. I'm a little intrigued by their stuff, specifically the non-salon shampoos, but the videos seem so expensive and I wonder if they're really worth all the money.