Saturday, December 31, 2011


I don't know if it's just easier to get them for the videos and more willing to be in them, or if there are just more shampoo girls than shampoo guys out there, or if it's completely on purpose to appeal to male customers, but a LOT of shampoo video shops feature a LOT of videos of girl-on-girl shampooing and very few videos with male shampooers. To be sure, they're not terrible videos, they have lots of lather and look very pampering, but they don't appeal to me. I don't mean to be sexist or homophobic, but being a straight female, male-on-female shampooing is the most appealing to me but it's increasingly rare.

To be clear, when I get my hair washed in the salon it's always by a woman. And it feels good, not sexy at all, which is just as well because I'm in public, but to have a female friend wash my hair? No thanks, too awkward. When I seek out shampoo videos I want them to be sexy. Hence, I want the shampooer to be a guy.

The HairFun just updated their website with a whole new shop and lots of new videos, they're ALL girl-on-girl, Tomas isn't in any of them. At all. I don't find him all that sexy but I like his shampooing best because he's the only goddamn man on the whole goddamn website!

When it comes to same-sex shampooing, I'd rather see a man shampooing another man's hair, as long as it's medium to long hair which has a high capacity for lather. But alas, that has a small fan base and when they're posted on forums the guys - who dominate the forum (I seem to be the only female member NOT there to promote a porn site or otherwise titillate the men) - freak out about the presence of "gay videos" on their precious website.

 And of course, a lot of male-on-female videos are pornograhic, but rather than feature sex acts for the woman, you see her getting a half-assed shampoo while she's blowing the guy. She may be getting a shampoo but he's getting more enjoyment out of the deal.

Once again it's become clear to me that either I'm in a very small minority OR video websites care more about catering to male clientele than making videos for potential female customers.


  1. Hello from a french shampoo fetishist.. lovely blog. keep up the good work !!!

  2. Hi Bubbles,
    I am a guy with a hair fetish that goes mainly for perms, rollersets and traditional hairstyles. And I find shampooing very exciting. I just found your site and hope you have not already given up on your blog. I can be quite frustrating to share your ideas and feeling to the world - and the world doesn't listen or react at all.
    I have watched the hairfetish community for quite some time and I am sure there simply are a lot more male hairfetishers than female. It feels like at least 90% are male, either with an open male identity, or with a female identity that can be read as the Identity of crossdressers or transsexuals. And then there are males posing as females. Sooner or later you find that out - mostly sooner.
    The very few women (who I trust to be really women) with a hair fetish I met on the net are in one or the other way into cutting and shaving. To me it's quite clear: There is more demand for videos based on ml fantasies. So more are produced. I guess that goes for pornography as well.

    I found your report on how to fit your fetish into your real life and your relations quite interesting. Now imgaine a guy telling his girlfriend that he likes to be put in rollers ...
    If you read this and your are interested in some kind of exchange, you can find me here: or send me a mail

    All the best,

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