Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Times Like This . . .

 . . . that I wish I had a boyfriend. No really. I know it sounds wicked anti-feminist, but right now I could use one. For you see, my arm hurts. No idea why, didn't injure it, it just hurts. Washing my hair may be a bit difficult, so I wish I had a boyfriend to help me out. No way am I asking a friend to do it, with my fetish it'd just be weird.

I did actually consider mentioning it to the guy I like - we've hung out a few times but haven't actually kissed or anything, much less started dating, but I'm about 80% sure he likes me. Anyway, I considered mentioning that my arm hurts and I have to wash my hair tomorrow which will be hard, just to see if he offers to help - yeah no, I'm not asking for that, I might as well drag him aboard the train to Crazy Town. Also I didn't mention it because we were too busy talking about other things. Maybe if he messages me tonight or tomorrow I'll be all "ugh, I have to go to the doctor tomorrow" and go from there. Man, if he's into shampooing, that would be a great sign. But so far I have yet to find one guy who is (in person, obviously I've met guys on the internet who are, and no I'm not inviting a stranger into my apartment to wash my hair!)

I also really miss getting massages.


  1. I know the feeling, there's many times when I find myself wishing I had a girlfriend. I love having my hair washed, but not as much as I enjoy washing/brushing a lady's hair. :) Like you, I find myself wishing that I'll meet someone else who's into it, but I know that the chances aren't too high.

  2. I miss this blog. Hope you’re ok.