Monday, September 27, 2010

Hair Damage and The Shampoo Fetish

No I didn't forget about this blog, I've just been stupid busy with school, club meetings, trips to New York, etc., and I haven't had much time to write. I see I have some more followers, so maybe that'll give me some incentive.

Today . . . . er . . . tonight, I'm going to discuss how some of the techniques used in the shampoo fetish community damage a woman's hair. I've been meaning to discuss this for a while actually.

1) Overwashing. Not that I don't like it when a guy lathers me for a long time with lots of shampoo, but it does dry out the hair and strip it of its natural oils (yes, you need some oil to keep it smooth and shiny). And most women's hair doesn't need to be washed every day. So if you want her hair to stay great, keep the mild washing sessions to every other day, and don't do the extreme shampoo sessions more than once or twice a week.

2) Piling. Piling the hair on top of the head generates frizz and causes hair to get tangled (and untangling hair is a damaging process that often leads to broken hair), so again, keep this to a minimum. Also, the only hair that needs to be shampooed is the crown, unless the woman uses a lot of product throughout her hair.

Also, don't leave shampoo sitting in the hair. It's drying and unnecessary.

To combat these, make sure you use a good amount of conditioner after the shampoo. If you're the one taking pleasure in the activity, maybe thank her for letting you shampoo her with a bottle of intensive leave-in conditioner, or even a professional salon procedure if you can afford it.

I'm not saying you should only shampoo the "healthy way" all the time - healthy being only using a little bit of organic (not containing lathering agents) shampoo on the crown - but do have some respect for the health of her hair. Don't insist on washing her hair every day. After all, many women take pride on their crowning glory.


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