Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time to Write!

My finals are over, so I have a little more time to write! That is, when I have a private moment here and there, I'm going home tomorrow.

First things first, I dyed my hair! I meant to get a deep red, but I didn't realize crimson was actually a shade of pink. Boy do I feel dumb. In any case, the color works for me.

Me and my boyfriend have bathed together a couple times. One shower, one bath, and he's not that great of a shampooer. Not a dealbreaker, of course. He still doesn't know about my fetish, for some reason I'm still too shy to tell him. It does feel nice when he washes my hair, he's very gentle and that alone feels pretty good.

A new guy has come into my life, and while I'm not looking to start a relationship with him anytime soon, I find myself wondering if he's into shampooing. I always wonder that about a new guy. He doesn't have to be, but it would be so great to date someone who has this fetish. It will be interesting to see if me and this guy end up together, he seems really into me and I find myself thinking about him way too much.

But enough about my silly love life, that's not what you're here for, is it?

There have been some new shampoo videos on YouTube nowadays. Not a whole lot of good ones, but one has really gotten my attention:

The Hairfun is a pretty good site, until recently all the shampoo clips have been decent, but for some reason there's been a slew of "giggling girls" videos. I guess some people are into watching girls just having fun and washing each other's hair over the bathtub. Kind of creepy, but hey, that's voyourism for ya. I'm not saying I don't like the home setting, give me a good video (key word: good) of a guy washing his girlfriend's hair over the bathtub any day, but that's different, it's romantic and sensual, not "teehee, look at this crazy, silly thing we did when Jenny and Lizzy slept over!" Honestly, why do girls upload those videos, the only people who like them are guys who get turned on by that stuff. I wonder if these girls are aware of that.

Also, I'm really tired of videos of kids taking bubble baths ending up in my "reccomended for you" section. Ew. No. Creepy. Just . . . no. Again, why upload that??

Then again, there are a lot of pointless videos on YouTube. Lots of delusional people out there I guess.

Let's see, what else . . .

Oh, the LatherFantasies videos have gotten weird. No offense to the guy who makes them, I'm sure they're hot to some people, but it's like shampoo torture, it's weird. A little force is fine, it can be hot, but there's a point where it's just mean, and then it's actually a turn-off. But hey, that's just me, I've never been into girl-on-girl stuff anyway.

Then there are the hairmovies previews. They're pointless, they just show a woman going into a salon and getting set up, the clip stops before anything good happens. OR the clip just shows her getting rinsed. Not much of a preview. But again, it's girl-on-girl in a professional setting, it's obviously made for guys, not really appealing to me anyway.

I'm trying not to judge other people's fetishes, or variations of a particular fetish, but sometimes it hard to wonder "uh . . . people find this hot?" or even find something extremely creepy. Hell, I find it creepy that my 24 year-old ex dating an 18 year-old really weird - even if he wasn't my ex I'd probably be icked out by the whole thing. Sometimes a preference borders on sexism, like when people fetishize youth and innocence in girls, as a feminist I find that kind of wrong. But hey, that's just me.

Now I'm picturing the scene in The Hunchback of Notre Dame where . . . uh, that priest guy is obsessing over the gypsy Esmerelda and it's tormenting him. He can't help it, but it's super creepy.

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