Friday, April 22, 2011

Hairfun Rant

I've raved about The Hairfun before, now I'm a little frustrated. They've posted some great shampoo video previews on YouTube . . . only they're just slideshows. Very hot pictures, I must say, one very much reminds me of the work over at Lather Fantasies (I wonder what they're up to these days, I'd love to see some new stuff from them), but I liked the previews a lot more when they were actual videos.

Now I get that maybe they're tired of people only watching the freebie videos on YouTube, and maybe that's why they keep taking down the old videos, but if they really want us to buy videos, they need to make that possible. Once again, I can't get to that part of their website. It is about time for me to buy something from them, they seem to do really great work, and their videos seem pretty affordable. They are one of my favorites out there. Then again, there aren't that many shampoo fetish websites active at any given time. Websites tend to release videos in small, infrequent waves - LatherFantasies seemed busy for a while before disappearing again, ShampooGuys made a big comeback for a while and then died back out - whereas the HairFun seems to be putting out new stuff every six weeks or so. I'm hoping they don't die out too, that'd be sad.

While I can't condemn anyone for watching mostly YouTube clips, I do recommend people buy videos as well. It's nice to always have something on your computer that you don't have to go searching for, and it helps support the people who make the videos.

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