Monday, February 7, 2011

My First Video Download

I was eighteen when I first came across shampoo videos on YouTube. Before that my only visual was the Herbal Essences commercials, but when I finally had my own laptop, and discovered how awesome it was to take said laptop into the basement and hunker down there in the summer time, I decided to search YouTube for shampoo videos. It wasn't long before I came across the Shampooguys sample videos, and I was in heaven. I'd never seen such an erotic portrayal of hair washing.

This one was my favorite. There were only a few videos of guys shampooing girls, and I liked this one the best. So naturally, a couple years later, just after I bought my first vibrator and was in the market for some "visual stimulation," that my go-to website was, and my video of choice was the one above.

Not a bad choice. The shampooing part, albeit only about a third of the actual video, was fantastic, so sensual. I couldn't get enough of it. In fact, my second video purchase was also from that website. As much as I liked the sensual nature of the video I had, I craved a little variety, and I wanted something a little more vigorous. I noticed that for that I needed a guy-on-guy video. Normally I'm not into that, but if the guy has long hair, it almost counts - it's still long hair being washed, and it's still being done by a crazy hot guy.

There seemed to be a gender dichotomy in the videos from that website. When a girl was being washed, or washing a guy's hair, it was slow and sensual. When it was a guy washing a guy's hair, it was a little more rough and vigorous. More head-scrubbing. I like scrubbing. I haven't seen this dichotomy as much in videos by other websites, which surprises me - in a good way, of course, but still.

People sometimes give me crap for paying for "porn," because there's so much free porn on the internet. Yeah, there's a lot of normal porn out there for free, fetish videos like this aren't as prevalent to be easy to find - or even exist - on torrent websites. I could just watch the YouTube videos, but it's kind of a buzzkill to have to keep restarting the video or click on a new one. I once tried to download those YouTube videos and put them in a compilation video, which I still kind of want to do, if only for my own personal use. Then again, with all I've already purchased, I'm not sure I still need it.


  1. yes thats a really good video i like it too. Do you have the full version. I think that is only a sample. Do you want to upload more like that? I hope so.

  2. it is just a sample. I do have the full version, but I won't upload it. it's an ethics issue. I will, however, urge you to check out the site and buy a video, they're really good quality and in general a pretty good value.

  3. Hi Bubbles, I just found your blog, and I am very pleased to see the woman's perspective on this fetish that we share. The first time I brushed and shampooed a favorite lady of mine, she told me that it was O.K. to pull her hair, and after the shampoo, she told me to let my fingernails grow. After thinking about those comments, I realized that I shouldn't be so worried about being gentle, and now know that most women want to really "feel" us as we enjoy their hair.

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