Saturday, February 5, 2011

He Finally Washed My Hair

Title pretty much says it all. We've been dating for just over a month now, but this morning it finally happened.

He'd known about my fetish. He practically forced it out of me on our first date when I mentioned I had a fetish. As usual, I was shy and hesitant to tell him, but I spilled it. That morning we took a shower together and he sort of washed my hair, but only for a few seconds. Then there was the night where I asked him to wash my hair, but then I said something that made him mad and he ended up refusing. A couple weeks later we showered together again, and he didn't wash my hair, which I got upset over, and he didn't like that. At one point he said "spoiled children don't get desert." I knew I needed to stop being such a crazy bitch before he would be willing to do this for me.

There were a couple instances where I'd be at his place and he'd jump in the shower, and I would remain on the bed. For me, the only point of showering with a guy was the shampoo, that's really the only sexual thing I'm interested in doing in a shower or bath (come on, we can do all that other stuff in bed). I'd dropped the subject completely for the time being, not wanting to push it.

Then this morning, after taking a quick shower with me still asleep, he decided he wanted to take another shower before heading off to work on a class project. This time, he invited me. I didn't push the subject, I started to lather my own hair, but then he sighed and took control.

It was fantastic. He was thorough, and applied just the right amount of pressure. Later he told me he was afraid of being too rough, as one guy before had been worried about. The first guy who washed my hair was really gentle, too gentle in fact, because he didn't want to hurt me. Seems to be a trend among guys.

When we were leaving the building - he to his meeting and myself to back to my apartment for some serious cleaning (and a paper I haven't actually started yet), he mentioned the possibility of picking up some shaving cream for next time. Who knows what will happen next.

I probably shouldn't, and probably won't, recount every shampoo venture in this blog. But the first is always very exciting for me, especially when it's really good. The ones that are recounted will most likely be vague. The only detailed stories I'll post here will be fictional, if I ever get around to writing something worth publishing.

Well, my 5 Hour Energy is starting to kick in (this is the best stuff ever, like crack in a bottle, you should try it!) I should start writing that paper for my urban law class. Yeah . . .


  1. you lucky girl. I would like to change with you. I would like to have a girl who shampooed me or i shampoo her. But i dont have and that makes me very sad and depressed. If i see a girl with beautiful hair in the bus or in the train i can cry.

  2. It seems that your BF realizes this is important to you. Hopefully, he will find out that doing this for you is a turn-on for him, and it will become a wonderful shared experience for both of you

  3. well, he was never my boyfriend. and we broke up, so it doesn't matter much anymore.

  4. Hey, Bubbles!!! Nice to see a woman expressing her shampoo fetish! I'm a male hair stylist, and I can tell when a woman is enjoying my shampoo, or ENJOYING my shampoo! BTW...I've got several videos of me shampooing women that I'd be happy to share with you! Thanx, and lather up!