Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Commercial Videos

For the most part, shampoo commercials suck ass. Like I said before, I don't need to see a lady shampooing her hair. But there are a few gems out there, like this one, with some good hair washing moments, if only for a a few seconds. Just look at the lather, there's a shampoo I could go for!

As if they ever lather up like that so easily.

Oh, and I don't even bother with those long advertisements for some fancy ass shampoo - you know, five minutes advertising a shampoo I could never afford, some bullshit haircare "technology"? I'll stick with Herbal Essences, thanks. But anyway, I'd never watch it just for the five seconds of the actual shampoo, I'm not going to watch it up to that point, nor do I feel up to browsing the darn video for the washing bit. It's never worth it.

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