Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why Write This?

Warning, this is a bit of a feminist rant. If you don't like feminists, don't read this.

It all started when I joined Shampooforum. I joined to discuss the shampoo fetish, it was the only place I felt comfortable doing so - it's a bit of an embarassing secret for me, only a few of my friends know about it. However, I didn't exactly feel comfortable posting there after a while.

1) I soon began to recieve e-mails from a guy wanting to discuss fantasies. He was a stranger, and old enough to be my dad, so I told him I wasn't comfortable with the idea, he persisted. Ugh! Don't try that with me, I won't do it. I'm not going to be anyone's cyber whore, got it?

2) The community mostly catered to straight males. The guy-on-guy videos from the Shampooguys Youtube account received angry, homophobic comments. The guys didn't want to see no homo stuff, even though I'm pretty sure there were gay members. Nope, I guess the site wasn't for them, or girls like me who kind of liked that stuff (I prefer videos of guys washing girls, but when a guy's hair is long and the lather thick, I'll take it). The few other girls who did post mostly posted for the guys, rather than with them. "Look at me washing my hair!" or erotic writing meant to arouse the guys, discussing just how much they love being shampooed. Yeah, I love it too, but I don't write about it in a way meant to pitch tents (if ya know what I mean).

3) A guy uploaded videos of women being shampooed in a salon. They had not consented to being filmed, they didn't even know what was happening. To me, that was over the line. Being filmed walking down the street for stock footage? Fine. Being filmed for erotic purposes without consent? Icky and weird. I protested, saying it was wrong, and was told that because it was legal, I should shut up and post a video of myself lathering up for teh menz on the forum. What? I don't tell the guys to lather up their girlfriends for my pleasure, why was I being treated like nothing more than a head of hair?

I used to comment on the shampoo videos on YouTube, until I realized that people I knew could see my account, and could see my comments. I was also getting messages and comments from perverts trying to hit on me. Gee, wonderful.

I realized that the role of women in the shampoo community is crap. We're seen as eye candy, or potential eye candy I guess - it's like the man can't accept that I'm there to watch videos, not be in them! Have I considered being in that kind of video? Sure, and I'd love to have my hair washed and get paid for it, but I want to run for office someday, so being in any sort of erotic video can come back to bite me in the ass. That's why, as you'll notice, this blog is completely anonymous. I'm only hoping no one I know finds this and reads the background entry, they might be able to figure it out, which kinda scares me.

However, I have stuff to say. I want the men in the shampoo fetish community (or SFC as I may refer to it when lazy) to see things from my perspective, a female's perspective, and I want to have a voice, which is hard since the forum was taken down and the only website to come out of it was a website consisting of pictures only - no forum. I want myself and the other women with the same fetish to be seen as active participants with desire, rather than performers pandering to the male gaze.


  1. I think it is great that you are willing to share your thoughts and feelings this way. I too was a regular on the Shampooforum, and when Thorsten and his lady visited the U.S., I got to meet them, if only briefly. A very nice couple, although she didn't speak English, she has a very infectious smile!

  2. Your blog is great. Gratulate. Perhaps you like these videos too:

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