Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thoughts on Making Videos

I really admire the websites who do this work. It sounds weird to admire an erotica site, but I love their work, and I appreciate that someone is making these. If they didn't, I wouldn't have anything to watch now would I?

Er, I sound dumb don't I?

Anyway, they say if you want something done right, you should do it yourself. I have thought of contributing to this community - not by lathering up in front of a camera or filimg my friend washing my hair - ok maybe the latter, though that would entail not only telling someone about my fetish but asking him or her to wash my hair, for a camera, for a video that would go online.

That's scary! What if I run for office someday and someone finds that video and releases it? Talk about an embarassing relevation. I've also thought about becoming a hair model for someone else, but again, the idea that it could get out like that is scary as frick.

And there's the idea that guys would be jacking off to me. Yeah, they may be jacking off to this writing (which isn't actually for that purpose, but you can't exactly stop a man from whacking off in his own home to whatever tickles his fancy), but that's just my work, my writing, no one can see me and no one knows who I am. At least I hope not.

If I didn't dream of being in the public eye, maybe I would start my own website, get a nice camera, round up some more models, and make some nice, bubbly videos made especially for girls with this fetish. I wish there were more websites and videos for that section of the community, which I'm sure I've already written to the death.

Lathery days!
Bubbles <3

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