Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weekend Stuff

Lots of good stuff going on these days! For one thing, I have a job interview lined up for Friday, and it looks like I'll be scheduling another one for the same day. I hope I get one of these jobs becaise I do not want to go back to working in the movie theater. Shit sucked man, never underestimate what service workers go through on a daily basis. I mean that lady attacking people at a McDonalds drive thru may be extreme but it's not far off from the norm really.

Anyway, after the interviews I'll be seeing my boyfriend for the weekend! I haven't seen him in 3 weeks, we're apart for the summer. I may get a shampoo or two, last time he washed my hair the whole thing was super romantic. There was a lightning storm that night and I think there was magic in the air that night. Who knows, maybe we'll have a night like that this weekend. And who knows, maybe I'll have the guts to show him a clip from Lather Fantasies and tell him that's what I want done to me.

But I hate making too many requests. I feel silly enough asking guys to wash my hair, let alone being specific and wanting just a shampoo, out of the shower, over a sink or tub - just washing, nothing else, maybe some more mutual intimacy afterwards. But I feel weird being pampered like that, like being waited on, I hate to make someone go too much out of their way for me, I feel guilty about it.

Then again, if I'm so close to someone, maybe I should reveal my true fantasies. There was just an instance last summer where a guy told me his deep desire was to see me hairless down there, and went into this huge thing about how my not shaving was selfish since he did what I wanted, and it was my turn to do something for him. Not that he did it well, honestly, but I'll give him credit for trying.

I've always wanted to have a bubble bath with a guy. To me, being shampooed in the bath seems so ideal - perfect atmosphere, I'm sitting down instead of standing up, and if he's in there with me, it feels more intimate and romantic. Now all we need is a tub big enough for both of us.

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