Monday, August 9, 2010

The Stranger Meetup

I've never met with a stranger for a shampoo, or anyone just for a wash for that matter. I've only been shampooed by boyfriends . . . and my cousin once, but that wasn't a sexual thing, she'd had her hair washed in a salon for the first time and wanted to wash my sister's hair, and offered to wash mine too. Maybe she developed the same fetish, but I wouldn't bring it up with her.

I've absolutely thought about it, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't now, since I have a boyfriend, but sometimes the thought of someday putting an ad on Craig's List for a shampoo encounter in my area has crossed my mind.

But the idea is totally scary as well as exciting. I mean, just like any erotic encounter with a stranger, there are serious risks - I could be violated or hurt, maybe even killed by some sick perv who likes a whole lot more than washing hair. I certainly wouldn't want to have sex as part of the deal, just a shampoo and on with my day, though the guy might feel entitled to sex or feel like sex should be part of the deal. The whole thing just seems too scary too risk doing.

I've also fantaszied about meeting a guy who shampooing as much as I like having my hair washed. It's great having a boyfriend who's simply willing to wash my hair, it's really sweet, but to actually date someone with the same fetish would be awesome. Or maybe not, if he'd want to do it every day and end up overwashing my hair. But sometimes I do have the fantasy where I get close to a guy, and he shyly asks if he can wash my hair, and I go to his place, and he shampoos me in the sink, or upright in the kitchen.

I feel like a slut for even thinking of this, having a boyfriend. Part of me thinks there's no harm in dreaming, since I know deep down I'd never trade my boyfriend for anyone. But if he finds this blog, he might not take too kindly to some of the things I say on here.

Dear god I hope no one I know finds this.


  1. I did post an ad on craigslist, and it worked out well, but I'm a man with less to worry about. My ad asked for a lady who enjoyed having her hair brushed, shampooed, or set, or whatever. The girl I met has awesome hair, and loves to have me brush it, but she isn't into shampooing so much. I enjoy both her hair and her company.

  2. Nevertheless, it is really a harmless wish for tenderness. Don´t be foolish. Do not hide this wish from your boyfriend.