Monday, August 16, 2010

The Hairfun

Another one of my favorite sites: Gotta love the Germans.

Not all of the videos are shampoo vids, they have other stuff on there, mostly dye jobs and some forced stuff. Not that big on the forced shaves, if someone held me down and shaved my head I'd stab them. I love my hair.

The shampoo stuff they do have, from what I've seen on YouTube, are hit or miss. Some are lathery and wonderful (not as much lather as Lather Fantasies, but still pretty good), some not so much. I do want to buy at least one of their videos, they're a bit steeper than the Shampooguys videos but maybe they'll be worth the price.

I am waiting until I get to school, and until I get a new job, to get any new videos.

Still looking for two guys on a girl though! Seriously, how is it I can only find moments of it in Herbal Essences commercial but two girls shampooing a guy can be found all over the place? Or so it seems anyway.

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